Mondageesokwe ndizhnikaaz Makwa ndodem, nsimidana shi niiwin biboonagiziyaan, Odawa Anishinaabekwe ndaw.  Iwidi Flat ziibiwing ndoonjibaa,  Ben  ninabem izhinikaazo.

Mondageesokwe is my name, I am bear clan, 34 winters old, an Odawa Indian woman is who I am.  Over there by the Flat River is where I am from,  Ben is my husband’s name.

Well I hope anyone who wants to learn a little Anishinabemowin (Ojibwe/Odawa language) can get some use out of my blog. I will be posting beginner Ojibwe phrases, maybe words with pictures, and if I can figure it out… maybe some audio too.  I am not a fluent speaker yet, however I have been following the Anishinabemowin trail for Oh my gosh.. twenty years! (I started learning simple words and phrases in my early teens and am still pursuing better eavesdropping and speaking skills). Just for those who think… “20 years and not fluent? ” There are not many fluent speakers where I grew up, in order to learn to speak properly one must hear the language spoken often. If you do not get to hear fluid fluent speech then it can slow ones learning down. Also note that Anishinabemowin is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most verb forms of any language. Anishinabemowin is a very action based language and very descriptive.

Mi iw/ That is all