Zaagidawin miinawa wiidaged – to love and be married.

I noticed that people have been using internet search engines to learn Odawa words for love, so I thought I would post the word love and other things to say when snagging or after you are snagged here.

Awenen giin gidodem? – What is your clan?

___ nindodem. I am ___ clan.

Or you could say:

Migizi ndodem, awenen giin gidodem? – I am Eagle clan, what is your clan?

Why ask your clan first? Well for those of you who do not know, it is a no-no to date within your own clan, sort of like dating your family… even if the tribal affiliation is different and is a cultural no – no.

Also might be good to run through relatives names… just in case your cousins…. lol

Zaagidawin – to love / love

Wiijiiwshin – Come with me.

Gisaagi’in – I love you

Jiimshin! – Kiss me! (as a command)

Gikinjigwenshin! -Hug me! (as a command)

Wiipemishin. – Lie down with me.

Gi ginaajiwi  / gi mikwaadizi – s/he is handsome / beautiful

Ninmoshen – My pet/ My sweetheart

Gi wii wiidigemin – I want to marry you.

Wiidigemishin – Marry me.

Wiidaged – Be married

Wiidagemaad – To be married to someone

Niibwid – Get married to someone

Ninaabem – My husband

Niwiiw – My wife