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Boozhoo Anishinabedog miinawa Zhaagnaashidog!

Long time no blog… sorry about the wait, things have been pretty busy and will likely continue to be so. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with the posts as life whirls about.

Mitigowaakiing gwii zhaamin – We (excl) will go to the forest.

Mishiiminaaboo – apple juice / cider

Mishiiminaatig – apple tree

Mishiiminag – apples (animate)

Nanddawaawaashkeshi-giizhigad – Opening day (deer season)

Baashkizigan (an) – gun (s)

waniikewi-nini (wag) – trapper(s)

dasoonaagan(an) – trap(s)

mookmaan(an) – knife(s)

waagikomaan(an) – crooked knife(s)

Iyaabe(g) – buck(s)

Oniijaaniw(ag) – doe(s)

Gidagaakoons(ag) – fawn(s)

Waawaashkeshi-wiiyaas – deer meat

Waawaashkeshiwayaan(an) – deer hide(s)

Giiwse – S/he hunts

Baaskizige – S/he shoots

Giiyose – S/he hunts

Gewsin – Hunting

Giiyosewinini – hunter (male)

Giiyosewikwe – hunter (female)

Ditibidaabaan – truck

Gigii waabaandan ina waawaashkeshii? – Did you see the deer?

Waawaashkeshii wiiyaas – venison

Asema – tobacco

Agwajing asada asema jiigatig – Let’s put our tobacco down beside a tree

Mookman – knife

Chimookman- big knife

Tasenwang                                           Halloween

Bapakwaanaajiin (sag)                        bat(s)

Eshibiken (sag)                                       spider(s)

Jiibe (sag)                                                 skeleton(s) or ghost(s)

Mkaadewaashko gaazhag(ag )          black cat(s)

Ziisibaakidoons (an)                             candy (candies)

In the next post I will include some sentences to go along with these words, and some words about wild rice and ricing and Thanksgiving…

Bama apii Niijinkwenyag!


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Aaniin Niijinkwenyag!

Here are some more words used at Niimi’iding:

Biindigeshimoong – Grand Entry

Bwaazhennagamon – Straight Song

Ikwe Nagamon – Ladies Song (Side – Step)

Gikiwe’on – Flag

Gikiwe’on Nagamon – Flag Song

Zhaabowe’ikweg – Songbirds (Women Back up Singers)

Niimii’ odaa! – Let’s Dance!

Giwii ezhaa niimi’iding ina? – Do you want to go to the pow wow?

Ehn, Niwii ezhaa niimi’ding. – Yes, I want to go to the pow wow.

Ezhaadaa niimi’iding. – Let’s go to the Pow Wow.

In case you are at the pow wow and see a Manidoominens Adawewigaamigoong – Bead Trading Store, Here are some beading words…

Giishkoda – S/he cuts with sizzors

Gshkigwaaso – S/he sews

Mazinigwaade – S/he beads

Mazinaabidoo’ige – S/he beads on a loom

Miishiiginoon – Velvet

Asabaabiins – Thread

Gashkigwaasoneyaabiin – Sewing thread

Mazinaabidoo’iganaatig – Bead loom

Naabidoo’iganan – Beading needles

Zhaaboonigaansag – Sewing needles

Manidoominensag – Beads

Biito manidoominensag – Lined beads

Besha manidoominensag – Striped beads

Zhiibwaaze manidoominensag – Transparent beads

Bagwaaniigin – Cloth

Aanish minik? – How many/ How much?

Aaniin minik enangideg owe? – How much is it?

$1.00 Bezhigwaabik

$5.00 Naanwabik

$10.00 Midaaswaabik

$15.00 Midaaswi shi naanwabik

$20.00 Niizhtana daswaabik

$100.00 Ngodwaak daswaabik

A Penny – Bezhigo biiwaabikoons

5 cents – Naano biiwaabikoons

10 centsMidaaso biiwaabikoons

50 cents Naanmidna daso biiwaabikoons

$10.55 – Midaaswaabik  naanmidna shi naanwaabikoons.

Nimbiigoshkaa! – I’m broke!

Mi sa iw!





Biimskwaaguk. Biimskwaashik Anishinabe Zhigaawin!

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Swing and sway the Anishinabe way!

Nimi’iding – Dance (Literally to bend at the knee-  look at how we dance, this is a very good description!)

Note to Pow wow go-ers : Do not EVER CALL the dancer’s outfits Costumes! Refer to the outfits as outfits or regalia. This is our culture, NOT Halloween! Miigwetch. Also ask before you touch anything on a dancer or on a trader’s table, and do not take photos without asking permission first, and the proper way would be to offer the dancer tobacco:  / a tobacco tie / Loose tobacco/ or a cigarette. Miigwetch.

Jiingtamok – Gathering / Dance/ Pow Wow

Dewe’igan – Drum

Dewe’iganatig- Drumstick

Dewe’iganing – At the drum

Mishike zhiishiigan – Turtle rattle

Zhiishiigan – Rattle

Ngamwin – Song

Niimwin – Dance

Ngamo ininiwag – Male Singers

Ngamo kwewag – Female Singers

Bama api and Have fun on the Jiingtamok miikana!

Corrections  from Charles :D!! :

“M[i]tigoon boodaajigan – Turtle rattle”: really? Is there something that I’m not understanding here, because I read that as a “Wooden Horn”.

So I asked “How would you say turtle rattle? Mishike zhiishiigan?”

“That all depends. If you’re using a shell of a miskwaadesi as a ladle, then it is a mishiikenh-emikwaan. If the same turtle shell is used as a rattle, then yes, mishiikenh-zhiishiigwan. But a turtle shell itself is not zhiishiigwan, as that means “rattle”. The word for a shield or a turtleshell is widashwaa, so what a turtle has is a mishiikenh-widashwaa, opposed to the Romans with their Biiwaabiko-widashwaa.”

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