So, I was cleaning (dusting) before I left for the pow wow and a brass bookend fell off the shelf and on my foot! So I silently screamed… but I went to the pow wow anyways.

I headed off to the Pow Wow grounds, I got there and people were leaving, it had been sprinkling all morning. They moved the pow wow to the casino. So I followed everyone else and headed over to the casino event center. It was really packed tight, hardly room to move through the crowd. If you could squish your way down to the area set up as the arena you might be able to see the dancing. If you were back farther you could see the dancer’s heads and that is about it. It looked like not all of the vendors made it over to the casino, there were a few, alot of traders with beadwork, sage and sweetgrass, silverwork and Native Threads apparel. I got to visit with my friend Cid Bearheart, that was kewl! My other friends I couldn’t get an eyeball on, but it was pretty crowded in there. So that was a bummer. After walking around for a bit, my  foot started to really hurt and swell, so I went ahead and left early. Hopefully Peshawbestown doesn’t get rained out… because that is the next pow wow on my pow wow trail this summer.

Bama pii!