Aaniin Niijiikwenyaag!

I am just going to do a quick post tonight. This one is on Akina Gegoo miinawa Niizhwaaswi Mishoomis Gikinoo’amaage’wiaman, think on these teachings. I will try and post more miijim words in tomorrow’s post.

Bama api gi Waabamin!

Gakina Gegoo – All Things In Life

Bemaadzid / Giigoohnik/ Manidoshenhsak— Humans/ Fish/ Insects

Maanwang/Netawging/Wesaakik/Mitigook— Berries/GardenVegetables/Vegetation/Trees

Aashbik/Asiniin/ Zhiw – Rock/ Stones/ Mountain

Wesiinhik / Ookaanag — Wild Animals / Domestic Animals

Niizhwaaswi Mishoomis Gikinoo’amaage’wiaman

The Seven Grandfather Teachings

1.)           Zaagi’diwin  –  Love

2.)           Debwewin – Truth

3.)           Dabasendizawin –  Humility

4.)           Gwayakwaadiziwin – Honesty

5.)           Manaajiiwaawin / Manaaji’ idiwin – Respect

6.)           Zoongide’ iwin  – Courage / Bravery

7.)           Nibwaakaawin – Wisdom

There is an Anishinabeg teaching story about the Seven Grandfathers. These teachings are taught from when one is just a small child all along through life. As our children grow so does their understanding of these teachings and the elders explain more in depth as the child is ready for understanding.

These teachings are important for understanding Anishinabeg culture. We as Anishinabeg try always to remember these teachings and approach all things in a good way with respect. None of these teachings operates alone but must go hand in hand with each other.

Anishinabe was given Wisdom in order to better his life through knowledge.

Anishinabe was given Love so that he could love his fellow Anishinabeg and teach them to speak well of each other.

Anishinabe was given Respect in order to show respect to all things (humans, animals, plants, water, air etc) on earth.

Anishinabe was given Bravery to face his life’s challenges in a good way.

Anishinabe was given Honesty to live in a good way with his fellow people, to speak well of others, to know and think through whatever life brings.

Anishinabe was given Humility to live in harmony and balance on earth with all other living things, never thinking himself to be better than any one of the other creations.

At last Anishinabe was given Truth after all of the other gifts were understood.

Reflect on these teachings and use them when you’re thinking about plants and the environment. One cannot pollute his water if he respects that water’s right to be pure so that all life may live and use that water, one cannot extensively log without respect, or wisdom to know that cutting all of the forest will leave no place for humans to gather wood for their uses, or for the animals to live. One cannot blow up a mountain top for coal if one knows the truth that the practice will pollute the ground water, ruin the habitat for humans and animals –  all life. One who knows these teachings will not over harvest plants for personal or commercial use.