Niiwin Nekeying – Four Directions

Waabanong – East

Zhaawanong – South

Epingishmok- West

Kiiwedinong – North

Ishpiming (Giizhigong) – Heaven / Sky / Father Sky

Ngo Kii Noonwin – Four Seasons

Minokaami – Spring

Niibing – Summer

Dagwaagi – Fall

Biboon – Winter

Niiwin Kchi Mishkikiinag – Four Sacred Medicines

Asema – Tobacco – Men’s Medicine

Giizhik – Cedar – Women’s Medicine

Mashkodewashk – Sage – Men’s Medicine

Wiingushk – Sweetgrass – Women’s Medicine

Ngo Bemaadziwin – The Good Life (Life Stages)

Abinoojiihn – Baby

Shkiniige – Youth

Nitaawgi – Adult

Kchi Anishinabe – Elder

Ngo Bemaadis – Four Aspects of Man

Nendamowin – Mind

Wiiwying – Body

Enmaanjwaang – Emotions (Feelings)

Jiichaag – Soul / Spirit

Bemaadzijik Niiweyangiswag – Four Races

Niibiishaaboke – Asian

Anishinabe – American Indian

Makadenini – African

Waabshkeye (Zhaagnaash, Wemtigoozh, Megwenh, Aanmaa) – White (English, French, Polish, Ukrainian, German)

Aaniin Nijiikwenyaag!

Sorry that I missed a few days posting. Last weekend was a whirlwind, it was ngashi (my mother)’s birthday… and tomorrow is my husband’s birthday so I had to run around and get gifts and cake and make cards… yes I make my own… hand drawn…  Mom liked hers, it had an woodland style migizi (eagle) on it with floral…. my husband’s is Dr. Who inspired but I cannot describe it as he has not gotten it yet.

Anyways, I have listed the four directions, the four seasons, the four sacred medicines, the life stages  the four aspects of man, and the four races here and I will be having to catch up on making videos the weekend of the 14th as my neice graduates with her Masters degree from CMU this weekend, and it is my first wedding anniversary on Sunday.

Minokami sure brings out lots of hustle and bustle, more events, weddings, birthdays and graduations and open houses to attend…. not to mention planting things  gitigaaning (in the garden).

I will cover the four colors and other colors another time, as there are two sets, animate and inanimate… which is confusing to a beginner.

Also, Barb Nolan a fluent speaker and immersion teacher has started a website were she has posted immersion videos to help in teaching the language to beginners. I strongly encourage you to check them out and listen to them over and over again. You can click the link for her site in the blogroll on the right side of the page. Immersion is the best and fastest way to learn Anishinabemowin… or any language for that matter. Immersion is how we learned English as babies, from hearing it all the time.

Don’t forget to practice, practice, Practice!

Bama pii giwaabamin!