Aanii Niijiikwenyag!

I have posted my own orthography I just made up… to give you all an idea of the corresponding letter sounds in Odawa / English… for your pronunciation purposes. Any mistakes are my own. You all are much luckier than I, because when I was beginning to learn the language there was no google video – youtube- podcasts – websites and the like out there. Now there are tons of resources because our Odawa Kinoamagekwewag (female teachers) miinawa(also)  Kinoamageniniwag(male teachers) have worked hard to create learning materials, books, websites, podcasts and videos of the language. I will try to add more links to these sites as my site grows. Any media you can listen to a speaker on is good stuff… the more you listen the faster you will pick up the language. On a previous website I had made, I had sound files that pronounced all of the words for you. I will have to figure out if wordpress will let me do that.

Please feel free to leave comments, I would like to know what you would like to learn and we can try and move in that direction. There is one exception to this, please take note, I do not translate or attempt translations of names for people, historically or otherwise. Mainly because names are different entirely and have meanings and stories attached to them that were given to the recipient and may not correspond to a direct translation of the words that make up the name. So please do not ask me for name translations.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on introductions, greetings, food, numbers, weather, and animals…

Mino Shkaakamikkwe Giizhigad! Happy Earth Day!

Bizindaw weweni Kchi Anishinaabeg, goji bima’adoon iwe anishinaabe bimaadiziwin, weweni anishinaabe izhichigewin! Bishigendan aki!  Gego gegoo nishibabaamendagen omaa gaa pagidinigaadeg akiing gaa ozhitamagooyang. – Listen to the Elders, walk the old indian ways! Respect the Earth! Do not waste anything that has been put here on Earth!

Mi iw