Aanii Niijinkwenyaag!

I have been real busy of late, we were house hunting over last spring and summer and finally found our oshki waka’igan! We moved into the new house in September. My job has taken some topsy turvy turns and over my Christmas break, My husband got an idea for me to start a business on Etsy. So we have been working diligently to make that happen over the past month and a half. We opened the shop yesterday, I am trying to link it but word press is having a problem, so go to Etsy and search Mahoohns Den. I put in my two weeks notice at my regular job in order to pursue the business, and I am looking for other opportunities at the same time to make money to funnel into the business to make it grow. My current job ends on February 8th, so I will have more time to work on my new website as well which is focused on my art, anishinabemowin, and art blog and a blog about the new movement that began in December of 2012 – Idle No More. The other website I am still working on you can check it out at http://www.makoohnsden.com (as I said about the Etsy shop link.. the wordpress linker is broken, it won’t let me insert the link so you will have to copy the address and paste in your browser window.)
You all can watch the transformation as I improve on the design and add more content. I will be making any new posts on the language there. I will not be ridding myself of this site, I will be leaving it up, but for new language posts you will have to check out my new site. I also am teaching Basic Anishinabemowin again at Montcalm Community College in Sidney Michigan for this spring semester. If you missed my first class you are welcome to register for the spring section here http://register.asapconnected.com/Courses.aspx?CourseGroupID=2906

I also participated in an Idle No More Round Dance Flash Mob at the Rivertown Crossings Mall in Grand Rapids a few weeks ago, you can see the video on my Wabanaisee Singers Youtube channel.

So there is the short of the changes here in Makoohns Den!

Bama api

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